Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reviving Historic gardens in Tehran

The Baharestan team at the MesoCity workshop worked on identity, memory and iconography with artist Amir Hossein Bayani and architect Sara Kamalvand. The site, in the heart of Modern Tehran is located in-between the Nasseri and Safavid walls, and houses since 1908 Iran’s first parliament. The group proposed a neighborhood revival using 3 important nodes connected by an underground water filtering pedestrian project on the axis of dried qanats. The triangle is composed of a pigeon house in Zahir ol Doleh, a historinc mansion about to be torn down, the Majles, and Massoudieh Palace, where a public memorial on the underground ruins of a water reservoir becomes the gateway to an up and coming arts and culture centre.

MesoCity Tehran Workshop 2012 - Baharestan team: Saba Hasselian, Ali Lotfi, Kimia Noushirvani, Hamideh Rimaz, Niku Khaleghi, Kiana Ariankia, Elham Pourmahabadian, Ali Reza Bayat.