Sunday, December 6, 2015


Tehran Filtering Garden Festival* is an applied research project in partnership with Tehran’s 12th district Municipality and the Art, City and Landscape festival of Amiens. The project will create five filtering gardens downtown Tehran as permanent public spaces. The urban gardens will collect, filter, and store water from the abandoned qanat network. The project aims to raise awareness for the reappraisal of this ancient water irrigation system that still carries water, but is considered archaic today. The gardens address the critical issues of climate change, and the depletion of natural resources, by making water recycling visible in public space. As new liminal spaces in the city, the gardens will also address questions of heritage and preservation. How can they operate as archetypes for a collective narrative of genius loci by becoming acupuncture points that will heal and revive the capital’s historic core ?

Chosen participants will collaborate in all three phases of the project taking place from January to September 2017. These phases cover research, a 10 day design workshop in April, and fabrication. Candidates should send CV cover letter and portfolio to


*the project is with ESA-LAB, the brand new research lab at Ecole Sp├ęciale d'Architecture